New tour: Guy Toussaint

Information about the walk: Guy Toussaint

  • Distance : 10.4 km
  • Running time: 1h50
  • Total ascent: 84 m
  • Start: Rue Sigebert 1 - 5030 Gembloux

Stroll: Guy Toussaint 

Explore this magnificent walking trail, designed as a tribute to Guy Toussaint, a Faculty student whose passion for discovery has been eternalized through this route.

Step back in time and discover sites steeped in history until you reach Corroy-le-Château castle.

Highlights include Chapelle Dieu, Poudrière, Large Eau, Corroy village and the center of Gembloux.


You'll soon be able to find this walk in paper format.

Points of interest

  • Chapelle Dieu

  • Powder keg

  • Large Water

  • Village of Corroy-le-Château

  • Gembloux Center

During your ride

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