Beau-Vélo de RAVeL

Information on the RAVeL Beau-Vélo ride

  • Distance: 29.5 km
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Total ascent: 347 m
  • Start: Passage des déportés - 5030 Gembloux

Beau-Vélo from RAVel to Gembloux

Set off on an exciting 30 km bike ride through the heart of Gembloux, the charming villages of Sauvenière, Lonzée, Beuzet, Grand Manil and Corroy-le-Château. Let yourself be enchanted by the diversity of the landscape. Keep your eyes peeled for the Ourchet snails, fascinating little creatures that dot your route with their discreet presence, adding a touch of mystery and nature to this memorable cycling adventure.

VisitGembloux tour. Free parking available in the town center.

Points of interest


  • Escaille nature reserve

  • Saint-Foy Church

  • Argenton Abbey

  • Ourchet snails

  • Ferooz Castle

  • Corroy Castle

During your ride

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