The Malt Route

Route information: the Malt Route

  • Distance: 88.7 km
  • Running time: 5h55
  • Total ascent: 434 m
  • Start: Rue Sigebert 1 - 5030 Gembloux

The Malt Route

The aim of this walk is to discover the different partners working together to create a 100% Belgian beer. You'll see the participating breweries, the fields where the barley is grown, the malting plant, and the Cultivae ASBL where several tons of cereals are stored for redistribution to the network.

This route is an opportunity to exploreincredible landscapes while tasting 100% Belgianbeers and local products, all produced by producers who are passionate about their craft.

If the 88km seems too long for one day, there are several smaller loops available: 4 of 20km - 3 of 40km - 2 of 60km. Find out more about all the breweries and inofrmations on the Route du Malt website.

Cultivae and VisitGembloux tours. Free parking available in the town center.

Points of interest


  • Gembloux Beer

  • Brasserie de Lonsees

  • Belgomalt

  • Valduc

  • Cultivae

  • Brasserie des tours

  • Orp-Jauche

  • Brasserie Bertinchamps

During your ride

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