Abbé Legrain walk

Information on hike 8: Balade Abbé Legrain

  • Distance: 5.9 km
  • Duration: 1h30
  • Total ascent: 66 m
  • Start: Rue Sigebert 1 - 5030 Gembloux

Abbé Legrain walk

Leaving the center, you'll soon find yourself along the Escaille nature reserve. Don't hesitate to enter and discover this nature reserve and its pond. Returning via Sauvenière and along the CRA-W, you come back to the town center.

Abbé Legrain was thepenultimate abbot of Gembloux, under whom the abbey was rebuilt. His coat of arms is on the pediment of the entrance door to the abbey palace. Can you find it?

Gembloux Athletic Group (GAG) walk and VisitGembloux

Free parking available in the city center.

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Points of interest


  • Abbaye de Gembloux - Terra Centre

  • Ravel n°147

  • Escaille Nature Reserve

  • Village of Sauvenière

  • CRA-W



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