New tour: Wooden knifemaker

Information about the walk : Knifemaker's walk in the woods 

  • Distance : 20.7 km
  • Duration: 4h00
  • Total ascent: 193 m
  • Start: Rue Sigebert 1 - 5030 Gembloux

Stroll: Wooden knifemaker 

The Gembloux cutlers ' walk celebrates the craft that made the town famous for two centuries. The cutlers contributed to the establishment of major industries, some of which are still present in the region's zonings.

The 4-hour walk, with an ascent of 193 meters, explores points of interest such as the Fresque du Ressort, Terre d'Hesbaye, Château de Ferooz, Bossière village, Usine Dejaiffe, and Régie des Couteliers. These stops offer an insight into the history and heritage of the Gembloux cutlers.


You'll soon be able to find this walk in paper format.


Points of interest

  • Spring fresco

  • Land of Hesbaye

  • Ferooz Castle

  • Village of Bossière

  • Dejaiffe plant

  • Régie des Couteliers

During your ride

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