Information about hiking trail 9: Wicbertus

  • Distance: 5 km
  • Duration: 1h00
  • Total ascent: 60 m
  • Start: Rue Sigebert 1 - 5030 Gembloux

Wicbertus walking tour

Take a stroll through the stairways and alleyways around the town center, and discover another aspect of Gembloux. The walk is named after the knight Wicbertus, who founded Gembloux Abbey in the 10th century. This knight was canonized thanks to the writings of the monk Sigebert, in Saint Guibert. A good walk for the calves, with plenty of stairs.

Gembloux Athletic Group (GAG) walk and VisitGembloux

Free parking available in the city center.

You'll soon be able to find this walk in paper format.

Points of interest


  • Terra Center

  • Prizme's fresco on the CPAS

  • Place de l'Orneau

  • City of Cutlers

  • Academy

  • Chapel opposite the Académie

During your ride

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